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We are a highly experienced UK-based nopCommerce development company. From simple theme customisations and plugins, to complex custom builds, we’ve done it all.

With over two decades of ecommerce experience, we excel at delivering projects on time and within budget, for highly competitive rates. We back this up with fast and reliable ongoing support, with no monthly commitments.

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12+ years nopCommerce experience
Clear pricing with no ongoing contracts needed
Proven build and design processes
Proven results driven build and design processes
Lightening Fast 
Google Scores
Performance optimisation focused
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“Accuweb have managed our nopCommerce based infrastructure for many years, and we have a great working relationship with them. They understand our requirements very well, and thanks to their creativity and willingness to think through our business requirements, our nopCommerce solution is not just a standard out of the box setup, it’s tailored to our own specification. And it really works for us!”

25 Year Birthday Staff B
Paul Copeland Director, Mulberrybush

“Thanks to John and his team, AccuWeb transformed our website into a modern and fit for purpose site using nopCommerce. It more than meets the initial specification and surpasses our initial vision. We would without hesitation recommend AccuWeb as they have gone above and beyond to ensure that the site was delivered to a high standard and on a very tight deadline. We could not have completed the project without them”

Paul Hickson MI and Data Security Supervisor - London Borough of Bexley

“John Dillon and his team have been instrumental in planning, designing, and building our legal document template e-commerce site. John approaches every task, whether planned or unexpected, in the same assured and reliable manner, finding solutions at every stage. The teams’ technical skill together with Jon’s sage advice and guidance, have been invaluable to us in launching our business. We can’t recommend Accu-Web highly enough.”

clare cook
Clare Cook Director & Co-founder, Paperrockdocs

“Working with AccuWeb in Brighton has been a joy compared to our previous web designers. Ongoing support is friendly and fast. I cant recommend them highly enough.”

Arun Sudhaman
Arun Sudhaman President and Editor-in-Chief - PRovoke Media

nopCommerce Development Services



Mulberrybush sell traditional toys for children and are one of our longest standing clients. We recently rebuilt their ecommerce store using the blazingly fast nopCommerce platform, and they loved the results.
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Unlock the full potential of your project with a free consultation. I have over two decades of industry experience, and in this personalised session I will analyse your requirements, offering expert advice on technology, budget, processes and timelines to align with your goals. The consultation usually lasts 30 minutes but can last longer if required.

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Why choose us for your nopCommerce development services?

  • 1. Experience

    We have 18+ years real-world ecommerce experience, across a wide range of technologies. This will save you time and money by reducing errors and ensuring your systems are built correctly from the ground up.

  • 2. Results driven

    Ecommerce web development is not just about making pretty looking stores (important of course!), its about building systems that drives sales, increase revenue, foster a customer base and much more.

  • 3. Premium support without monthly contracts

    Fast and reliable support should be a given, not something you pay through the nose for or not get at all. With us there are no monthly support contracts, we're just here when you need us.

  • 4. Long term outlook

    The longer we work with clients the better we understand their businesses and become at solving their problems. This saves time and money, and means we consistently deliver results.

  • 5. Stunning designs

    A great looking site is important for converting sales. We hope you'll agree sites like Wedding Rings Direct and MulberryBush are exactly this.

  • 6. Open source platforms you control

    Our platforms (WooCommerce and nopCommerce) are open source and you own any code we create as part of your projects.

  • 7. Speed

    Slow sites are a big conversion barrier, and they also significantly harm your SEO. We are highly skilled in optimising for speed, and nopCommerce in particular gets industry leading Google page speed scores.

nopCommerce Development Services

Why choose nopCommerce?

nopCommerce is a world-class ecommerce platform and compelling alternative to less agile solutions like Magento. It comes loaded with features, ensuring both security (PCI DSS compliant) and search engine optimization, all while delivering lightning-fast performance. Constructed on Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core platform, consistently recognised as one of the fastest, it consistently achieves top scores in Google’s page speed tests – a challenging and crucial benchmark.

The platform hosts a diverse marketplace with thousands of plugins and integrations, seamlessly connecting with leading payment, shipping, and marketing automation software. Thanks to its 100% extensible open-source architecture, there are no limits when implementing custom features. This robust framework is supported by a professional development team and a thriving, engaged development community.

You can check out the full feature list here, however a few key highlights are:

Fully featured “out of the box”

Multi-store, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-vendor, 100+ payment gateways, GDRP compliant, EU tax features, SEO optimised, and much more. Its a feature list that can’t be beaten out of the box.

Open source & free

nopCommerce is free and open source. Its also backed by Microsoft and is well maintained by a dedicated team of developers.

SEO Optimised

All the necessary tools including: Search engine friendly URLs, Sitemaps, Microdata, Localizable URLs, Breadcrumbs, URL Canonicalization, Google Analytics integration.

Optimised for mobile and performance

A mobile first solution, which achieves near perfect scores in Google page speed test tool, which is difficult and increasingly important for search engine rankings.

Enterprise level security built-in

Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core framework brings built-in enterprise level security, unlike PHP-based platforms (e.g. Magento) where it is necessary to build and maintain separate security systems. It is also fully PCI DSS compliant.

Unlimited customisation

The flexible architecture and open-source code of nopCommerce allows us to easily customise the platform for all nature of business processes and requirements.

Fully integrated with 3rd party platforms

nopCommerce is integrated with all popular third-party services including ERPs, CRMs, delivery and 3PL services, marketplaces and SMM, leading services for marketing and sales automation.

In-built marketing

Features such as: discounts and coupons, reward points, newsletter, gift cards, cross sells & related products, product comparison, affiliate programs.

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Our nopCommerce Development Services

NopCommerce Development & Design
nopCommerce Development & Design

Your own custom developed, responsive nopCommerce ecommerce store, installed and configured to your own bespoke requirements.

NopCommerce Support, Maintenance & Hosting
nopCommerce Support, Maintenance & Hosting

Fast and reliable ongoing support is one of our key strengths, and particularly important for ecommerce sites.

NopCommerce Customization
nopCommerce Customization

One of the strengths of nopCommerce is the ability to customize it to meet your individual businesses needs. For example payment gateway integration, custom shipping rules, integration with ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and Intact IQ, and more.

NopCommerce Plugin Development
nopCommerce Plugin Development

nopCommerces plugin architecture makes it easy to build in your own features, in a way that makes upgrading in future much easier. Services include: nopCommerce plugin customization, discount plugin development, custom payment gateway & shipping plugins, and more.

NopCommerce Performance Optimisation
nopCommerce Performance Optimisation

Ensuring your site is fast is crucial to ecommerce conversion rates as well as search engine rankings. Our nopCommerce Performance Optimisation services range from basic configuration tips, to CDN integration, to 3rd party integrations such as Apache Solr.

NopCommerce SEO Optimisation
nopCommerce SEO Optimisation

Ensuring your site ranks well with search engines is crucial to sales. Let us help you develop a long term strategy and implement that in your nopCommerce solution.

NopCommerce Upgrades & Integration
nopCommerce Upgrades & Integration

We've upgraded many nopCommerce sites, so let us help you with yours. Integrating your ecommerce store with other CRM, ERP or accounting systems can help save you significant time and money.

NopCommerce Migration
nopCommerce Migration

If you have chosen to move your ecommerce store from another platform to nopCommerce, we can ensure a smooth transition. This includes: Magento to nopCommerce Migration, WooCommerce to nopCommerce Migration, Shopify to nopCommerce Migration.

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    nopCommerce development services are essential for creating custom ecommerce stores using the nopCommerce platform. nopCommerce is an open-source, fully-featured online ecommerce  platform that offers a wide range of features including product catalogs and shopping carts, payment gateways, order management, customer databases, and more.

    Through our nopCommerce development services, businesses can create highly customized web stores tailored to their business needs and requirements. The open-source codebase also ensures that business remain fully in control of their code and online store.

    To start using nopCommerce for your business website you first need to find a nopCommerce development company that can help you with your project. These companies will be able to provide you with the necessary resources, expertise, and guidance to ensure that your website is successfully set up and configured.

    Once you’ve selected a nopCommerce development company they will work closely with you to understand your business requirements before beginning the design and configuration of your online store.

    Utilizing nopCommerce for web development offers many advantages including scalability, reliability, affordability, security, flexibility, and ease of use. With its open-source codebase users also benefit from free upgrades and changes that can be made as needed for their business websites.

    Additionally, nopCommerce development services provide businesses with cost savings as the platform is free to download and use. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes it easy for site owners to modify their websites quickly and easily.

    Most nopCommerce development companies provide comprehensive support services to ensure that your website is up and running correctly at all times. These services can include design and configuration assistance, bug fixes, performance optimization, and more.

    In addition to technical support, these companies also offer ongoing maintenance packages which keep your store updated with the latest features, security patches, and updates available on the platform.

    The cost of using nopCommerce development services will vary depending on the complexity and scope of your project. Most companies offer different packages that include setup fees, maintenance costs, hosting charges, and various other related expenses.

    Generally speaking, though, most projects involving nopCommerce development can be completed within a reasonable budget. Additionally, because it is an open-source platform businesses benefit from free upgrades and changes that can be made as needed to their store or website. The cost of nopcommerce development services varies and it also depends on the talented pool of nopCommerce developers of the considered nopcommerce development company.