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We are a highly experienced full stack ASP.NET Web Development Company based in Brighton & Hove.

We’ve been developing with ASP.NET since version 1 of the platform many years ago, recently making the shift to its latest incarnation ASP.NET Core.

Our core background is in bespoke C# ASP.NET development (because platforms didn’t really exist when we started), with a shift in the last 5 or so years into platforms such as Sitefinity and NopCommerce.

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“Thanks to John and his team, AccuWeb has transformed our website into a modern and fit for purpose site. It more than meets the initial specification and surpasses our initial vision. We would without hesitation recommend AccuWeb as they have gone above and beyond to ensure that the site was delivered to a high standard and on a very tight deadline. We could not have completed the project without them”

Paul Hickson MI and Data Security Supervisor - London Borough of Bexley

Experienced ASP.NET Web Developers, Brighton


The reality is if you’re here reading this you probably already have an ASP.NET application you need help with or have made that choice already. Therefore, you don’t need me to extoll its virtues.
For those who need convincing, it’s one of the maturest and well supported web development platforms in the world. A few years ago, it seemed to have been pigeon holed as “enterprise level” only, partly because of its virtues (precompilation, speed, security, Windows stack etc..), but also, because of its closed nature and higher development costs in comparison with say PHP. Whilst it certainly is still very much enterprise, by going open source, redesigning it from the ground up for ASP.NET core, and reducing development and hosting costs, it’s definitely attractive for the whole spectrum of projects now.

Why Choose Us As Your Partner ASP.NET Web Development Company?

We’ve been doing this a long time now and have experience in all the different types of ASP.NET applications, from Forms, to MVC, to the newer Core platform. We’ve worked with a wide range of industries including finance, banking, travel, PR, charity, technology etc.

Initially, our work was almost exclusively bespoke ASP.NET development, however, more recently it involves a lot of platform-based systems using predominantly Sitefinity and NopCommerce.

We feel set ourselves apart by:

Being good at using technology to solve problems/ease workflow

Through experience of working with a diverse range of customers, over long periods of time, we’ve become very good at understanding clients needs and knowing how to solve issues and replicate workflow using technology. This is where our experience in bespoke development helps because we know in many cases bespoke development is a better and more cost-effective solution in the long term (thank platforms).

We’ve got systems working for our customers that are 10+ years old in terms of the core backend framework (different front ends of course), however, these don’t need replacing because the client still does the same thing. The system has been built up and adapted over many years to perfectly mirror the workflow of the client. This would not be possible as easily using platforms.

Backing this up with long-term support

A client/developer relationship that lasts over a long period of time is in our view the best way for both to succeed. We’ve still got a number of clients from 15+ years ago.

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An ASP.NET web development company specializes in providing full-service custom software and website development solutions for businesses using Microsoft’s .NET technology stack. This includes developing desktop applications, mobile apps, websites, and even cloud-based services with the latest technologies available to make sure your business can stay competitive with others in the industry.

An ASP.NET web development company has a team of experienced developers who understand the framework inside and out and have the skills to create customized solutions tailored specifically to your needs and budget.

There are many advantages to working with an ASP.NET web developer. A major advantage is their ability to securely deliver applications and websites with a high level of performance and reliability, as they are well-versed in the latest Microsoft technologies such as C#, .NET Core, Visual Studio, and SQL Server.

Also, these developers provide full support for any issues or questions that you may have regarding your software solution so that you can be sure that it runs without any problems.

ASP.NET web developers offer an array of services ranging from creating custom web applications and website designs to providing hosting solutions and ongoing maintenance plans. They can also help to integrate existing systems with new solutions, as well as provide online marketing solutions such as SEO and social media management.

Furthermore, they can assist with the security of your applications by utilizing the latest technologies to keep your data safe from cyber attackers and hackers.

The cost of a project depends on each individual situation, but in general, an ASP.NET web development company does not charge exorbitant prices for its services. ASP.NET offers excellent scalability options that allow businesses to grow without having to invest heavily upfront in technology assets or software licenses – which makes it one of the most cost-effective development solutions available today.

Additionally, many companies offer payment plans or discounts depending on the length and complexity of your project, which can make the cost more affordable.

When looking to hire an ASP.NET Web Developer, it is important to do your due diligence and research their background and experience with working on similar projects before committing to a contract. Additionally, make sure that they have a proven track record of developing software solutions that meet customer needs and expectations in terms of quality and performance.

Furthermore, ensure that the developer has a good understanding of all the current technologies related to .NET development so as to provide you with the best possible results for your custom software or website solution.

Finally, always make sure to look for an ASP.NET web development company that offers customer service and technical assistance throughout the entire development process so you can be sure that your project is in good hands.

Choosing the right developer will ensure that you have a successful software or web solution that meets all your requirements.  For more information on hiring an ASP.NET web developer, AccuWeb today!

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