Why businesses should upgrade to a responsive web design

We argue that responsive web design is one of the best ways to showcase your business online. The internet has allowed businesses to get in front of millions of users worldwide, which has opened new doors for them to market themselves. Over the past decade, mobile surfing has overtaken desktop internet usage, and that has seen businesses scramble for the best services available.

Gone are the days of static websites and web designs as consumers today want a relevant experience when surfing the internet. That has led to increasing demand for responsive websites, which are developed to adjust automatically to any screen size. That offers viewers with the optimal browsing and surfing experience no matter what device they are on.

If you want your business to jump to the front of the line and accommodate users on every device, you must get in touch with a web design agency in Brighton and revamp your website. Responsive web design is all the rage nowadays, and businesses without them will only end up losing customers. To prove that point to you, we will highlight some of the primary reasons your business should upgrade to a responsive web design today.


1. Faster Load Times for Responsive Websites

When it comes to browsing and surfing the internet, slow and steady doesn’t win the race. Nowadays, internet users want to consume information quickly as they are mainly browsing on the go from their mobile devices. That has meant websites must load faster to retain visitors because the longer your visitor needs to wait for the website to load, the greater their chances of moving on to the next website.

Responsive websites load faster on mobile devices compared to a static website that hasn’t been optimised. You want to provide your visitors with an optimal browsing and surfing experience, which means getting a responsive web design that loads faster on mobile devices.


2. Boost Traffic to Your Website

Nowadays, websites offering the optimum experience to their users are ranked higher on Google search results pages. You want the maximum number of people to view your website, and this is where responsive websites are ahead of static websites. Google considers responsive web design as a ranking factor, and if you want your website to appear at the top of search results, you must upgrade to a responsive web design.

When your website appears first on search results, it increases the likelihood of people clicking on your website. They are less likely to go to another website if you have a responsive web design, as they will get everything they want from your website.


3. Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Every business is constantly struggling to come up with new ways to get ahead of its competition. One of the best ways you can do that is by upgrading to a responsive web design. Most businesses have still not updated their websites, and you can ensure that your website offers an enhanced experience to users. They will prefer visiting your website over your competitors if you have a responsive website that provides them with the ultimate viewing and browsing experience.

Your business will also appear in tune with customer expectations, and in the super-competitive marketplace, you will gain a substantial edge over your competition. Your goal should not only be to supersede your competition but to replace them altogether when you are competing in the same market. A responsive web design gives you that crucial advantage.


4. Responsive Web Designs Convert Visitors Faster

Responsive web designs are mobile-friendly, allowing viewers to browse and surf through the contents conveniently and quickly. According to a Google study, 75% of visitors who clicked on a mobile-friendly website said that they would return to the website in the future. A further 70% said they were more likely to purchase a product or service from a mobile-friendly website.

A responsive web design makes it easier for the user to browse and surf the website. When people have a good experience on your website, they are more likely to return. Furthermore, those people will also be more likely to convert due to their excellent experience. That’s the reason why responsive web design is the way to go if you want to convert more visitors faster.


5. Makes Your Business Appear Modern and Attractive

Your website is your calling card and the window showcase to your products and services. Therefore, you want it to appear as attractive and eye-catching as possible to entice more customers. A responsive web design manages to do that for your website, as it ensures your website appears modern to users. A business with a website that doesn’t adjust to user’s screens and isn’t mobile-friendly will appear to be out-of-touch with its consumer base.

You want to attract as many customers as possible to your website. When you have a flashy and responsive website, you give your visitors the optimum browsing and surfing experience. You are more likely to get repeat visitors and gain more traffic if you have an up-to-date and responsive web design. So, make sure that you are offering visitors what they want on the internet.



The easiest way to lose customers is by not updating your website and being in touch with the industry’s leading web design trends. Responsive websites are all the rage right now, which is why you should get in touch with a web agency in Brighton and update your website today. Hopefully, the reasons we have shared above will have convinced you to upgrade to a responsive web design.


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